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Univate – Emil Holms Kanal & Njalsgade

  • (Updated September 23) It is required to wear face mask in canteens, cafes and Street Kitchen at the university.
  • (Updated September 9) The selection in the canteens at KU has changed as the university has chosen to send the majority of studens and employees home.
    In the TEO canteen (in KUA3) the selection consists of “grab’n’go food” (pre-packaged salads and sandwiches) and Street Food as a hot dish.
    Street Food next to the JUR canteen is also still open (where you pay in the Hava Java café and bring a receipt to the Street Food booth).
    In the HUM canteen (in KUA1) the selection consists of “grab’n’go food” (pre-packaged salads and sandwiches).
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers next to the big coffee machines with milk, at the entrances and other strategic points.
  • Distance marks are established on the floor by the large coffee machines.
  • Cleaning of offices will continue unchanged.
  • We are in constant dialogue with the university and on this website we will continuously inform about new initiatives, and infection cases at Univate, if any.