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Symbion Fruebjergvej

  • (Updated October 1) Restrictions in the canteen:
    > You must bring and wear a face mask in the buffet area.
    > Rules for good distance must be complied with.
    > It is not permitted to switch between the 2 sub-areas in the buffet after entering. The 2 buffets are identical.
    > Everybody must use hand sanitizer before entering the buffet area, alternatively use disposable gloves.
    > We recommend eating with the same people every day.
    > We recommend keeping extra distance if you eat with people you do not normally eat with.
    > Sandwiches can still be ordered at – deadline for orders is the day before 12 noon.
    > Larger companies have been allocated meal times so that the load on the canteen is distributed.
    > It is not permitted to bring external guests in the canteen – if you have external guests, you can order portioned food from the kitchen which can be eaten in the conference area. Deadline for orders is the day before at 12 noon at
  • (Updated September 10) Restrictions in the canteen:
    > We introduce reservations so that the individual companies are allocated time spans in which they can use the canteen.
    > We recommend that you use the whole house for lunch, e.g. the coworking café, shared tables on the floors, the event café (if it is vacant) etc.
    > The buffet area is divided more and a greater distance is made between dishes – this means that in the coming period there will be a narrower range of cold cuts.
    > Sandwiches can be ordered at – the order must be placed no later than the day before at 12 noon.
    > There is spirits/cleaning detergent and paper available in the dining area, so you can wipe the table before use.
    > External guests may not use the canteen. Lunch meetings with external guests, if any, can take place by ordering food via and dining can take place in the event café (if it is vacant).
  • Guests must be picked up at the reception by the host and must wear a face mask when moving around in Symbion.
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers set up in several places in the building.
  • All access doors from the atrium and out into the corridors have been opened so you don’t have to touch the handle.
  • Doors to the front of the toilet can be pushed up/opened without having to touch the handle when entering – the doors must not be kept open.
  • Cleaning of offices and laboratories will continue unchanged.
  • Mail and parcels will be handled as normal.
  • Access to the building and the opening hours of the doors will be as normal.
  • Distance marks are established on the floor by the large coffee machines.